Use bStable and get free BNB… again!

Binance is celebrating Spring Festival by giving away BNB to Binance Smart Chain wallet holders and that means free BNB for you and any bStable user!

🌿 🌼 🌞 All you have to do to get free BNB is:

  1. Create a NEW Binance Smart Chain wallet with the wallet provider of your choice. Keep in mind some wallet providers (like SWFT) are also participating in the event, so you could earn double the BNB!
  2. Use bStable with your new wallet. You can add liquidity to earn interest or make a swap!
  3. Fill out this form with your new BSC wallet address.

All done! If you complete the steps above before the event ends on the 11th of February, you’ll receive your BNB in 48 hours.

Now that we have you here, if you’re new to bStable, check out this tutorial to see how to swap or add liquidity. If you have any questions about the event, or if you want to stay up to date with the bStable community, join us on Telegram and Discord, and give us a follow on Twitter!

One more thing. Remember, we are looking for community ambassadors to become community leaders as bStable takes steps towards community governance. We’d love to hear from you!



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bStable is a decentralized payment protocol on Binance Smart Chain that rewards users for making payments with stablecoins.